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The Garden


The name of our interfaith community gardening project, The Garden at Spring Forest, is inspired by the creation stories of Genesis 1-2, in which the most beautiful place on earth is Eden, a garden that God creates. Eden is a fully functioning ecosystem in which every plant, animal, and human has an important place. The Tree of Life first appears in Eden.


Our community garden is especially designed for immigrants who long to grow familiar vegetables in their new geographic context. Along with garden space and mentoring from our veteran organic farmer, our program offers hospitality, friendship, and support with cultural adjustments for our new neighbors. Having himself immigrated to this country from Kenya with his family, Director of the program Francis Kinyua, understands first hand what it is like to be a new neighbor in North Carolina.

Just as the Bible begins with a garden, it ends in Revelation 22 with a vision of a formerly traumatized world that has been healed. In this final vision of God’s healing, the Tree of Life bears different kinds of fruit year round, and its leaves provide healing for “the nations,” which in biblical language means “all kinds of people.” In this deeply symbolic vision, the river of life flows from the base of the tree. 


Our logo for Spring Forest is a Tree of Life to signify that our farm, forest, community, and church are dedicated to participating in God’s healing, peace, and renewal for humanity and the rest of creation.

To find out how you can participate in or support the work of the Garden at Spring Forest, email us at office@SpringForest.org