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Community Supported Agriculture
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2024 CSA Details

Spring Season:

March 20 - May 1


Our Spring Season will last 7 weeks.


Pick-up option:

Wednesdays at Spring Forest 

SMALL BOX: 5 items each week 

$210 for the season

LARGE BOX: 7-9 items each week

$280 for the season

Summer Season:

May 21 - Aug 28


The Summer Season will span 15 weeks, with 3 weeks off over the course of the season, for 12 weeks of veggie boxes. 


Pick-up Options:

Tuesdays at Asbury UMC (Durham), University UMC (Chapel Hill), Soapstone UMC (North Raleigh), and NoRa Cafe (North Raleigh) 

Wednesdays at Spring Forest (Hillsborough).

SMALL BOX: 5 items each week

$360 for the season

LARGE BOX: 7-9 items each week

$480 for the season

Fall Season:

Sept 24 - Nov 20


The Fall Season will span 9 weeks, with 1 week off in the middle of the season, for 8 weeks of veggie boxes.


Pick-up Options:

Tuesdays at Soapstone UMC (North Raleigh) and NoRa Cafe (North Raleigh) Wednesdays at Spring Forest. 

SMALL BOX: 5 items each week 

$240 for the season

LARGE BOX: 7-9 items each week 

$320 for the season

What to Expect

Large Boxes will have 7-9 items every week and is best for families and those that like to prep meals and dishes ahead. This share gives you the widest variety of all our delicious vegetables, herbs, and fruit!

Small Boxes will have 5 items every week and are ideal for couples/individuals, folks who don't cook with as much fresh produce, and a great way to try some new vegetables!


What you'll get with your box:

  • Locally grown, fresh seasonal produce from our garden

  • Weekly CSA newsletter with information about your vegetables and the farm, recipes featuring the weekly harvest, and photos from the farm.

  • Monthly Spring Forest newsletter


Optional Add-Ons
Fresh Eggs 

1 dozen fresh, free-range eggs per week.  

All-Natural Meat

Once again, we are excited to be able to offer a meat add-on (1lb package of meat per week) for those choosing to pick-up their CSA at Spring Forest for the Spring and Summer Seasons! We are partnering with our friends at Woodcrest Farm and Forge who will be providing their delicious pork (still waiting to hear about availability of beef). To add meat to your CSA, you will need to make the purchase directly from the Woodcrest Farm and Forge website. 

Pricing: Spring Season (7 weeks): $60; Summer Season (12 weeks): $100. 

How does it work?  Every 2 weeks, you'll make your choose your meat selection for the following 2 weeks. Woodcrest will deliver the meat to Spring Forest and we'll have it ready for you when you pick up your CSA box. Click here to see their pork options for 2024Limited to 12 spots!!!

Pick-up Sites

The Garden at Spring Forest

1907 New Sharon Church Rd Hillsborough, NC

Wednesday 4-6pm

NoRa Café

12333 Strickland Rd

N. Raleigh NC

Tuesday 4-6pm

University Presbyterian

209 E Franklin St.

Chapel Hill, NC

Tuesday 4-6pm

Asbury UMC

806 Clarendon St 

Durham, NC

Tuesday 4-6pm

Soapstone UMC

12837 Norwood Rd.

Raleigh, NC 27613

Tuesday 4-6pm



Call us at 


Your support is invaluable to the work of Spring Forest as we seek to feed the community and create a community for refugees among us and all who seek to care for each other and the earth.


Thank you for sharing the word and inviting your friends, families, neighbors, and co-workers to join our CSA!

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