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Hope 4 Humanity

H4H is a mission dedicated to making disciples of Jesus Christ who share Jesus’ compassion and calling for prophetic action on behalf of the least of these.


The mission of H4H is an ecumenical and interfaith mission of hope, reimaging all people as the image of God and of sacred value.


  1. Pilgrimages (virtual & in-person)

    • We will take pilgrimages to California, Texas, Mexico, and Arizona because encountering and experiencing other human beings in their dire circumstances is a means of transformation. 

    • Visiting any of our pilgrimage destinations allows for relationships to develop, building relationships is transformative. 

  2. Education & Learning: Interpretation of the urgent need for Christian communities to act on behalf of oppressed persons

    • We educate others because many people have a limited understanding of the issues surrounding immigrants, refugees, those who are displaced and oppressed, and the systems of harm that affect them, and of the history of these systems of harm. 

  3. Advocacy: Building compassionate, courageous communities to advocate on behalf of persons who have no voice, encourage those communities to increase voter engagement and work to change unjust policies that will directly and positively impact vulnerable populations

    • We advocate to change unjust systems, increase voter engagement, show that having voice matters, and that we can provide hope in oppressive situations.

For more information, to get involved with Hope4Humanity, or to request a speaker, please email us at


H4H Logo

1 John 4:7


Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. 

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