Spring Forest

Retreat Ministry

Spring Forest is the home and farm of the Community at Spring Forest, a United Methodist intentional community, and the host of The Church at Spring Forest, a network of neighborhood faith communities 

and ecumenical ministries. 

  • The Garden

    The Garden at Spring Forest is an interfaith community garden project of the church that especially focuses on welcoming global neighbors. We provide mentoring in natural gardening methods. 


    Produce and animals raised at Spring Forest enjoy a peaceful, natural, organic life cycle. Our foods are non-GMO, and are free of pesticides, herbicides, artificial hormones, and other atrocities.

  • The Church

    Our church consists of several neighborhood gatherings led by teams of people. Core spiritual practices of our all groups are:

    • Prayer

    • Work

    • Table

    • Neighbor

    For more information click on the Church page.

  • The Farmastery

    The Farmastery is the residential community at Spring Forest. We are a diverse group of people gathered around God through a common set of spiritual practices that help us to love God, one another, our neighbors, and the rest of creation. Our practices are summed up with prayer, work, table, neighbor. Click on the Farmastery page to learn more about our community.


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