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Spring Forest

Welcome to Spring Forest!

Our Abbess, Rev. Elaine A. Heath, PhD.
our abbess, rev. Elaine A. Heath, PhD.

The geographic hub of Spring Forest is The Farmastery, located at 1907 New Sharon Church Rd, Hillsborough, NC 27278.

The “farm” aspect of The Farmastery includes 23 acres that features a working, regenerative farm—The Garden at Spring Forest—and about 10 acres of gorgeous mixed hardwood and pine forest. Several families and individuals live at the Farmastery, anchoring the many activities and events that happen there.

The “monastery” aspect of The Farmastery is expressed through our set of common spiritual practices (prayer, work, table, neighbor and rest) and in gathered morning prayer, Monday through Friday online, 8:00-8:30 AM Eastern, that reaches around the world. (Please email us for the link if you’d like to join in.)

The Farmastery also hosts a monthly potluck dinner and worship gathering called Forest Feast, bringing together the many circles of friendship, spirituality and service that are part of Spring Forest.

To draw an illustration from nature, Spring Forest in its entirety is like a forest of trees connected
through mycelium, the hidden fungal network that branches, grows, and when it fruits, produces
mushrooms. In the natural world, mycelium networks connect trees to each other underground,
making it possible for the trees to support each other, provide nutrients, protection, and more.
Spring Forest in its entirety is a forest of diverse kinds of “trees” (companioning refugees,
farming, teaching people contemplative practices, offering summer camps to kids, etc.) all of
which are interwoven by the “mycelium” of our common set of spiritual and grounding
practices: prayer, work, table, neighbor, and rest. Because we are a practice-based community,
we are able to participate and revel in not only the diversity of “trees” but also human diversity,
which we believe creates a fruitful community that is good for the world.

Overall, the best way to understand Spring Forest is through EXPERIENCES, such as:

  • Farm to fork culinary events

  • Educational events that connect people with the earth, animals, and one another

  • Hands on support for refugee resettlement

  • Environmental and social justice activism and advocacy

  • Music and arts events

  • Multicultural family-friendly events and festivals

  • Sabbatical stays for healers and helpers in need of respite

  • Work-share stays for creatives, earth-keepers, and healers

  • Spiritual, psychological, physical, and relational growth and healing

  • Rest and renewal for body, mind, and soul

Come to Spring Forest and EXPERIENCE life with us!


As a community we have an ongoing creation and collection of prayers. We use these during our community morning prayers. 

Held M-F from 8:00-8:30 EST

Email for zoom link.


monthly Events

Like the rhythms of nature, you can always look forward to these two gatherings held the first and third Saturdays of every month.



CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture." To read more about Spring Forest's CSA, click the button below!

Spring Forest Nature Guide

Spring Forest’s Nature Guide documents over 450 species of creatures and critters  that have been spotted at Spring Forest!

Sachem Bfly.jpg
Juniper Plant


Support our mission of cultivating organic goodness with a spiritual touch, while also aiding vulnerable families, refugees, and their resettlement. Your donation fuels sustainable practices, fosters spiritual harmony, and empowers us to extend our reach in supporting those in need. Join us in nurturing both the earth and the soul today.

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