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Volunteer Times at Spring Forest

Dear Friends:

We are scaling back for the winter season, but will continue to meet and work together to nurture the things that are growing and to work on some projects at the farm.

Starting next week, Nov 16th-

Tuesdays: 9-Noon

Thursdays: 9- Noon

The Garden at Spring Forest is moving to "No-Till" for spring growing, a move designed to help improve soil health and cut down on laborious weeding of beds. A lot of what we do together will be planning for that change, as well as sprucing up and mending facilities (painting, fence repair, organizing the barn, etc).

If there are other days / times you would like to volunteer, please contact me and I will work with you to accommodate your schedule. We value and appreciate the efforts of all!

For more information about the No-Till approach and its benefits to the earth and, please watch "Kiss the Ground" a documentary streaming now on Netflix.

Another Note: We will have fresh eggs available over the winter months- if you would like to purchase eggs at $5 / doz please let me know!


Patti Jean (PJ) Spinillo CSA Coordinator, The Garden at Spring Forest csa@springforest.org http://www.springforest.org https://www.facebook.com/prayer.work.table.neighbor/ Instgram & venmo: @thegardenatspringforest 336-266-9475 cell

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