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Holiday Volunteer Schedule

Dear Friends:

I hope this little note finds you all well and happy!

I wanted to let you know we are suspending Volunteer hours for the next 2 weeks for a Christmas break. So no formal volunteer hours next week or the week after. We will resume regular Volunteer Times January 4, 2022.

You are still always welcome to come out to farm and take a walk or find a quiet place to sit and reflect. There are still greens to harvest and you are welcome to those as well!

If you would like to arrange a tour for any Holiday visitors or just to get out, do not hesitate to contact me and we will work out a plan!

At Christmas and always, we remain grateful for our supportive and loving community of all of our friends and volunteers!

Holiday blessing of peace, joy and hope be with you all.

Grace and peace, Patti Jean (PJ) Spinillo

CSA Coordinator, The Garden at Spring Forest @thegardenatspringforest 336-266-9475 cell

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