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Weekly Garden Update 7/23

Dear Friends:

As always, enduring gratitude to you all for being the turbo engine that keeps the garden rocking and rolling.

Wow, what we can accomplish working together! What a blessing. We are grateful to you all and hope you enjoy and value your time at the garden. Please never hesitate to reach out to me ( or any garden staff) if you have any comments, ideas or concerns, we want to hear from you!

This past week we sorted, stacked and stored potatoes, we also donated a lot (100's of pounds) to local food banks, missions and feeding ministries. In case you missed the tally, it was 2650 lbs of potatoes!

We planted fall crops where the potatoes were and continued to harvest lots of squash, zucchini and tomatoes.

We still have carrots, beets, tomatoes, squash to share, pintos to harvest and of course, potatoes...!!

This coming garden week we will weed and mound the sweet potatoes and prune tomatoes and continue weeding and harvesting as needed.

Volunteer times are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, THursday 9-12 and Tues and Thurs 4:00- 7:30. If those times are not convenient for you, fear not, just shoot me a message and we'll work it out.

Other ways you can help a lot in addition to working at the garden that are super quick and will not make you sweat:

  • Like us on Facebook

  • Follow us on Instagram

  • Share posts on FB & Instagram

  • Subscribe to our website

  • Share your experience and pictures of Spring Forest with your friends and contacts in your own posts and tag us

  • Tell everyone you know about our Fall CSA (this is a biggie!!) and direct them to our website to sign up or forward my contact info. I will also have applications at the "CSA desk" in the barn. you can just grab some there.

  • Invite us to do a mission moment at your church or other organization you think may be interested

I am sorry I do not have stats for you this week, but thanks so much if you missed them. I will be in better form next week :-)

We appreciate each of you-- see you in the garden!

Sincerely, Patti Jean (PJ) SpinilloCSA Coordinator, The Garden at Spring Forest @thegardenatspringforest 336-266-9475 cell

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I'm just grinning over here, reading about the incredible bounty and the generosity of people with their time. Sending love from Ohio, and holding you all close.

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